About Us

We provide sales and service for pinball machines for Central Iowa.  We have bought, sold and repaired pinball machines for 10 years.  We go through each machine with a rigorous process and provide a quality refurbished product.

Trade in

We guarantee 50% trade in value of any game purchased from us.  Trade in value could be more, but it is a minimum 50% of the original purchase price.

Our Process

We provide a 100% functioning machine as intended when it was new.  We do not have any interest in selling equipment that is going to have issues.  Any game found unreliable is parted out or sold through other venues.  We go through each game from top to bottom and fix any non working items.  This process takes typically around 40 hours or more on each game.  We start with a functional check of the game to make sure everything works, testing the switches, lamps, flippers, bumpers and features.  This is a simplification of what we do as there is no end to the weird stuff we find.  After the functional check is completed we take everything off the top and inspect and replace any broken or malfunctioning items.  Next we do a 3 stage polish on the playfield to buff out any ball marks and imperfections.  After the polish is complete we apply 2 generous coats of Blitz Carnauba paste wax.  Then we reassemble the playfield and play test to ensure everything is working as intended.

Here is a sample of what we start with

We take everything off the top of the playfield and prep for the 3 stage polish

Playfield parts are inspected and cleaned.  Playfield plastics are cleaned with Novus 2

3 stage polish on the playfield

2 coats of Blitz Carnauba paste wax

Playfield is buffed and waxed for a nice smooth and shiny playing surface

Playfield is put back together and is tested

Used Warranty

Dsmpinball prides itself on selling only quality used equipment.  We guarantee that the item pictured will be the item you receive and that the item will be in working order.  All used equipment sales are final.  No returns, no refunds.  Equipment is guaranteed to be in working condition at the time of transfer of ownership, except as noted.