Let us refresh the look and play of your game. Unlike a playfield swap, a refurbishment/refresh doesn’t restore a game to its like new state. It simply means we try to get your current game as clean as it can be and working properly. Our full-time pinball technician can have your game serviced and shiny in no time! Turn around time for a game could be as little as one week! Contact us to book your service now.

$350 and up (depending on complexity) + parts

A full refurbishment includes:

Dirty Playfields

Play Field

  • Removal of all plastics, ramps, metal guards
  • Clean, Novus, wax playfield
  • Repair of broken plastics and/or ramps (if possible)
  • Re-rebubber and Replace Posts (colored or black rubbers available)


  • Inspection of wiring, back box, targets, switches, coils, etc
  • Complete flipper rebuild
  • Change coil sleeves on all coils
  • Repair broken wires/connections
  • Rebuild pop bumpers
  • Clean drop targets
  • Clean light inserts
  • Clean and vacuum cabinet
  • Replace targets if broken
  • Adjust and replace switches
  • Clean Optos and other misc parts, motors, subways, etc.

Replacement of 5V and 12V connectors on Williams games

*In depth repairs may be additional charge and will be discussed prior to repair

Parts costs: Pinball machines contain hundreds of individual parts and each machine varies widely in style and number of features. Due to this we offer parts specific repairs which includes an invoice with all parts used in the refresh process. For instance, a flipper rebuild costs between $10-25 per flipper. Lots of flippers or pop bumpers means increase parts cost. Some games will cost more than others. Costs can be discussed to stay within your budget. To get a better idea please feel free to call us.

LEDs ($50+LED cost)

 Refresh your pinball machine with LEDs for a brighter and more modern look. LED lighting will extend the longevity of your game by saving your plastics and electrical boards from damage. Traditional bulbs get hot, take more power to run, and can actually cause damage to your game. Cool or warm lighting is available upon request.

  • Add a trough light to illuminate your play field for $10

*Pick up and/or delivery available for an additional charge.